Employee Spotlight

Our Grand Poobah

Bill Holman is the Store Manager at Ashland ACE. He’s been in hardware for 40+ years! That’s a lot of expertise at your assistance. (You may address him as the “Grand Poobah” next time you’re in the store.)

Bill is community-oriented and active in his church, Ashland’s Duncan Memorial Methodist. He was born in Richmond and went to Patrick Henry High School (class of ’67).  Now he and his wife, Regina, live in Montpelier where they’ve raised two great kids. We’d say he’s an ex-Marine, but Bill would correct us, “There’s no such thing. Once a Marine, always a Marine. I’m inactive.”He’s a voracious reader. A good week at the beach means 7-12 books and some great wine. Recent favorite reads include The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien and The Greater Journey by David McCullough. Bill and Regina like to tour wineries. Bill says, “All Hail the Grape!” They have an established bottle tree in the backyard covered in good memories. Favorite Virginia labels include Cooper Vineyards in Louisa and Prince Michel Winery on Route 29 near Culpepper. Bill enjoys fly fishing and plays golf when he can make the time.


There are a lot of things to appreciate about Bill. Maybe foremost are that great attitude and Can Do spirit. Thanks for being such a great team leader, Bill.