Spring Really IS Coming

We know, they’re predicting snow on Thursday, but at noon today it was actually warm enough to tackle outdoor paint projects!

Time to top dress your bulbs with bone meal. Phosphorous is the most important nutrient to ensure that bulbs flower and multiply annually. Feeding is very important for large bulbs like tulips, daffodils and hyacinths. Feed them bone meal twice a year–now, before they flower, and again in the autumn.

4 lb. bag     ACE #7123029     $9.99

Use PREEN pre-emergent weed control, now to stop weed seed germination in your established beds.  You have to pull the weeds you can see, but PREEN will prevent new weeds from growing. Remember: use only around established plants, and check the label for approved plants. Re-apply in 4 months for season long control.

5 lb. container     ACE #7164445     $17.99