Power It Up!

The Stihl guys finished installing our display at New ACE and it’s HUGE–the largest in a hardware store in Virginia. More space means even more selection for you.

To celebrate, Mike is running a special at Old ACE.

Buy any mower costing over $500 and get a Free Toro Electric 51346 Trimmer

Offer good while they last.

Seasonal Tips for Small Equipment

1.  When I went back to ask the technicians in the shop for their seasonal tips, Lee Sloppy showed me a tack rag covered in gold colored, crystallized gasoline. He’d just cleaned it out of a generator that the owner hadn’t winterized. If he’d just run the tank dry, it wouldn’t be in for service on the fuel line and carburetor.

Turn on your generators and run them until the tank is dry. Yep, that’s a little painful when gas is so expensive, but it’s better than facing bigger service problems with your equipment.

2.  In our area, gasoline is sold in “seasonal blends.” (I’ve heard of seasonal grass seed, but seasonal fuel was news to me.) If you have fuel in your gas can from last fall, it’s the “fall blend” and won’t run well this spring. Again, painful to toss it when the prices are high, but you really need to run fresh, spring season fuel in your tank this month. Robert Earles says that the last bit of gas in your can is mostly water anyway because of evaporation. Please respect the laws for safe disposal of toxic substances. (Despite Yahoo’s advice, giving it to the neighbors really isn’t the best way to dispose of old gas….)

Fill your equipment tanks with fresh fuel this spring.