Summer is Here and so are the Bugs!

Do you have the products you need to protect your family and garden?

The best way to protect you and your pets from mosquito bites and tick borne disease is regular use of insect repellent when out of doors. We carry a range of products from 90% DEET or DEET-free sprays and Citronella candles. Apply early and often.

It’s not too late to set out Japanese Beetle traps and reduce the damage done to your shrubs and trees. Put these lure traps away from the area you want to protect. The beetles will be drawn to a less vulnerable area of your landscape.

You’ll also want to keep an eye out for predators in your vegetable garden. Remember that many beneficial insects are preying on the ones that eat your vegetables. Choose insecticides that target the “bad bugs” and leave the “good bugs” to help you another day. We carry Safer Insecticidal Soaps, Ortho and Bonide sprays, and old standbys like Sevin dust.

The Virginia Cooperative Extension has a wealth of information about home gardening insect control (conventional and organic) on-line at