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Growing Grass in Central VA

We live in the "Transition Zone" of the United States. Was that news to you too? It's about a 100 mile wide area between the Northern and Southern temperate zones of the eastern and mid-western states. During the extensive education on growing grass that Robert gave me the other day, I learned that "transition zone" [...]

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Power It Up!

The Stihl guys finished installing our display at New ACE and it's HUGE--the largest in a hardware store in Virginia. More space means even more selection for you. To celebrate, Mike is running a special at Old ACE. Buy any mower costing over $500 and get a Free Toro Electric 51346 Trimmer Offer good while [...]

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March Means Merchandising

Robert rolled the first pallet onto the sales floor yesterday and announced, "Let the games begin!" At New ACE, we're spending the windy month pegging tools, sorting birdhouses and filling bins to bring you a larger selection of merchandise right here in your own backyard. Carla sorts through piles 'o stuff. Willy has been sorting [...]

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Start your engines!

This will be a painless task if you do it during the warm weather we've had lately. 1. Go pull your mower out of the shed or barn. 2. Check the fuel level. Did you remember to winterize it so you don't have crud settling in the tank? 3. Prime that bulb, and... 4. START [...]

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Spring Really IS Coming

We know, they're predicting snow on Thursday, but at noon today it was actually warm enough to tackle outdoor paint projects! Time to top dress your bulbs with bone meal. Phosphorous is the most important nutrient to ensure that bulbs flower and multiply annually. Feeding is very important for large bulbs like tulips, daffodils and [...]

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Come and Get It!

Slight change to our Moving Sale prices posted yesterday. Stihl products will be discounted at 5% OFF. The bulk of our items are now 20% OFF. We have over 2,000 items at 50% OFF!   This sales is for Rewards Club Members only.  If you're not a member, we can sign you up at the [...]

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Big Pig Deal!

  We’re moving to the new location in February and March. The less we have to pack up and truck over, the happier we’ll be. In case you haven’t heard, the store is moving to Ashland Hanover Shopping Center (the old YMCA and A&N building. If you’re really old Ashland, that’s the Safeway store to [...]

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We’re Moving and We’re Excited!

Come end of March, first of April, we will be in our new location in the Ashland Hanover Shopping Center on the corner of Route 1 and England Street. We will have a gamillion square feet of Hardware Goodness and Power Equipment Heaven. Bigger?  Yes.  The same quality customer care?  You bet!

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